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Financial Facility Construction

Financial institutions are not typically normal commercial construction projects. There are security considerations; there is a focus on customer service; and there is a need to be extremely functional during construction.

When your facility must remain operational during construction, there are usually phases to the project. These phases must take into account the need for public access, availability to ATM’s and ITM’s, security, work station functionality and noise considerations. Commerce Construction understands these factors and many more due to our history of working in and around occupied spaces and in financial institutions. We coordinate scheduling with facility management to optimize customer and employee satisfaction and minimize disruptions.

Setting clear communication expectations at the beginning of the project helps inform all team members of their roles within the project. There will likely be employees and customers near work sites, and keeping a secure and safe environment will be a top priority from the beginning of the project until completion. With effective pre-planning and communication, staff, occupants’ and patrons’ movements and safety can be kept secure while adhering to banking regulations. Directional signage, security cameras, and temporary partitions may be used in and around the construction site for wayfinding, safety and security.

Being a trusted general contractor, we’ve constructed retail financial branches, remodeled existing locations, built and remodeled customer service and call centers, and also provided assistance with small projects to financial institutions. We can help you address design, layout and code issues to make your space both aesthetically pleasing and functional for today’s – and tomorrow’s – financial environment.

What our Financial customers say:

“They brought creative solutions and thinking outside the box to get things done. If an issue arose, they brought several alternative solutions, made the best recommendation, and then allowed us to decide which solution we would like to proceed with. They met an almost impossible schedule while staying within budget. We trust this contractor and continue using them for our construction projects.”

Kim Wallace, Facility Manager
Equity Bank – Wichita, KS


Some of our Banking and Financial Projects

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No two facilities are the same.

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